Electronics and Electro-Mechanics to Customers with High Demands

Accilator offers electronic and electro-mechanic solutions. Our assortment consists of advanced technical components, customised for the high demands set by our customers.

Our product mix contains both customised own produced parts and more standardised parts from our carefully selected partners.

Product categories

Product categories


Sensors & Switches


Power Electronics & Electrification




Vehicle Electronics




Test & Measurement

Jun 29 2024

Digital System

Digital SystemECC – EtherCAT ® Current ConverterThe ECC – EtherCAT® Current Converter – transmits the analogue output current from the high precision IN-, IT- and ITN-transducers...
Jun 28 2024

Single and Multi Channel Systems

Single- and Multi Channel SystemsTPS II and MCTS II are complete systems consisting of power supply rack, current transducer, connection cable and burden module.Singel Channel...
Jun 26 2024

High Precision Current Sensors

High PrecisionCurrent SensorsThe current transducer components are for high precision AC/DC current analysis. Older IT-transducers are analogue compensated, the new CT- and...
Jun 04 2024

Standard cores

Standard coresNanoperm® (Nanocrystalline) material is the basis of the wide range of both standard cores and customized cores from our partner Magnetec. The products are...
Jun 03 2024

EMV Chokes

EMV ChokesOur single- or multi-phase current compensating EMV chokes and common mode chokes are based on Magnetec’s nanocrystalline material Nanoperm®. They offer outstanding low...
Jun 02 2024


CoolBlue®Toroidal cores made from Nanoperm® (nanocrystalline) material are used to reduce harmful voltages and currents in motor bearings in high-performance and/or fast-cycling...
Jun 01 2024

Stacked Cores

Stacked CoresStacked cores, CoolTube®, can be used as a replacement for shielding motor cables to prevent the transmission of high-frequency interference. Thanks to their simple...
Apr 27 2021

Vehicle Control Systems

Vehicle Control Systems Accilator is the official partner for HED (Hydro Electronic Devices, Inc.) to carry out implementation projects on the European market. With the HED...
Apr 27 2021

Control Panels

Control PanelsWe offer a wide range of standardised control panels but also complete developments of customised solutions.Customised Control Panels Our team has great experience...
Apr 26 2021


Joysticks We offer a wide range of industrial joysticks, starting from small finger operated to heavy-duty solutions. We adapt and customise the solutions to meet your...


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