Littelfuse EV Fuses for 1000 VDC, 60-600 A

The Littelfuse EV1K series is an electric vehicle (EV) fuse designed to protect high-voltage, high-current on-board applications in electric and hybrid vehicles as well as off-board charging. It was specifically built from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements and standards of the electric vehicle industry.

Because the market-leading technology built into the new HMSR DA digital Integrated Circuit Sensor is the first of its kind, it will enable engineers to look at new ways of formulating their system design. The Sigma Delta bitstream output is not only easy to use but is also highly flexible which means customers can apply filters to adapt the sensor to their specific needs.


  • Mechanical shock and vibration durability to increase product longevity
  • High interrupting rating and open state resistance for maximum short circuit protection
  • Thermal shock resistant to handle temperature fluctuations for reliable cycling performance
  • Temperature and humidity resistant to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions


End Markets:

  • Electric and hybrid passenger vehicles
  • Commercial bus, truck, and other heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Construction and agriculture equipment
  • On-board and off-board charging infrastructure



  • Battery pack protection
  • Traction inverter protection
  • Energy storage
  • Power conversion
  • High voltage power distribution
  • Battery disconnect unit